Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program

Knowing the resources and contacts available to help them through the Deployment Cycle


National Guard Diversity Program

Developing adaptive leaders, fostering inclusion, and creating and sustaining diversity within the National Guard, across all states and territories.


Employer Support of the Guard and Reserves

Providing education, employment opportunities, and outreach to help maintain the security of civilian jobs, and the quality of life of Service members and their families.

Equal Opportunity

Office of Equal Opportunity

Ensuring the combat readiness of all National Guard personnel by fostering an environment of respect, growth, and human dignity.


National Guard Family Program

Supporting you, the National Guard Family, by recognizing the sacrifices you make in support of your loved ones who serve.


Financial Management Awareness Program

Sharing information and services that help you secure your future, achieve your financial goals and improve your quality of life.


Joining Community Forces

Helping support our nation one community at a time.

Behavioral Health

Psychological Health Program

Ensuring you and your family never weather emotional and behavioral challenges alone, we are here for you in every state and territory.

Sexual Assault Response

Sexual Assault Prevention & Response Program

Striving to end sexual assault in the military, and encouraging Service members to protect and defend one another against unwanted sexual contact.

Transition Support

Transition Assistance Program

Providing you with reliable, professional resources for accessing the benefits and entitlements you have earned.


National Guard Youth Challenge Program

Reclaiming the lives of at-risk youth, providing them with the values, life skills, education and self-discipline necessary to succeed as productive citizens.